Doing More With Less.

As a country, 30%-40% of all food produced goes to waste. When food is wasted, all the energy and resources it took to produce this food are wasted too. The 30 million tons of food wasted each year are equivalent to 1250 calories per person, account for 21% of all agricultural water, causes 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions and results in a 940 billion economic loss.
Upcycled foods are made from ingredients that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill. They are often what's left behind during the production of our most loved foods. Whether it be imperfect produce, pulp from juicing, or spent grains from beer production, tons of nutritious food gets tossed out every year.
The love of cold beer after a long hot day of beach volleyball is what led us to using the ultimate upcycled ingredient, spent grains. Spent grains are the bi-product of beer production.
After a majority of the gluten and sugar is brewed out of the grains, what's left behind is an incredibly flavorful, high protein, high fiber, superfood. To produce just 1 pound of virgin grains it requires over 300 pounds of water.
Through our alternative use of spent grains, we prevent 3 gallons of water from going to waste for every 1 bar produced.  Together we can reduce waste, one action at a time.
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