Feed More. Waste Less.

As a country we do have the resources to feed more, but to do so, we have to waste less. Last year over 34 million Americans experienced food insecurity, with 9 million of that population being children. Yet, 1/3rd of all food produced goes to waste. 

According to Project Drawdown, the world's leading source in climate change solutions, reduction of food waste closes the 60% gap between food available today and food needed to eliminate hunger by 2050. 

By replacing virgin grains with upcycled grains, we're able to prevent 3 gallons of water from going to waste for every 1 Act Bar produced. In addition, in partnership with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, we're able to donate 1 meal for every 1 bar purchased through donating 25 cents of every bar sold. 

These small actions lead to big change. Resolving the US Hunger crisis isn't going to take a singular impactful moment, but instead a series of actions.

We hope Act Bar empowers our generation to understand the impact one small action can make. Whether it's purchasing imperfect produce, donating excess food in your pantry, or choosing an upcycled protein bar- we can be the difference makers that waste less to ultimately feed more.

Every action, no matter how small, is a step toward big change.





Data Source: nrdc.org, drawdown.org, waterfootprint.org.